Flytech Technology

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Flytech Technology Group (TAIEX: 6206) was founded in 1984. The corporate headquarter is located in Taipei City, Taiwan and the manufacturing center is at Hwa Ya Technology Park, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Flytech branch offices are located throughout the world in USA, UK, Sweden, China and Hong Kong to best support customers' needs.
In 2016, Flytech acquired Box Technologies (Holdings), a UK company with more than 20 years of experience in customer success solutions. In 2019, Flytech set up the new subsidiary Berry AI focusing on AI and deep learning technology. In 2022, Flytech announce the new investment to Inefi Incorporation, a new startup company specialized in cloud-based UEM solutions and SaaS services.
Since our founding in 1984, Flytech has driven ODM solutions in POS, Self-Service Kiosk, Panel PC, and Embedded Computing System for industries such as Retail, Hospitality, Medical and Industrial Automation. We are now in the midst of a corporate transformation as we grow beyond our traditional product manufacturing into solutions-driven innovation, Flytech employees around the world are focused on building great product solutions and services that push the boundaries of what it possible.
At Flytech, our commitment to corporate responsibility is deeply integrated throughout the business. We continuously strive to promote sustainability in our products, operations, policies and help our customers and partners to do the same.