Flytech Technology


The key to Flytech's excellence, is the people in the company.

In order to reach our vision, Build Smart Solutions for Tomorrow, we understand that we need more talent to root us in this global village. If you are looking for a stage to perform, whether you're a newbie, an experienced elite, or executive, we challenge you to join us.


Flytech Trainee Program

Through the comprehensive training program, let the seeds release their potential and become cross-field talent in Flytech.

Exploring opportunities


We hold Management Trainee program in HQ-Taipei every year. Please visit this website for more details.

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experience elite

We are always looking for experienced talent that can bring more to the table. Please find our current job openings here.

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overseas talent

If you're interested in Flytech, but don't see any job openings, we still welcome you to email your resume/CV to us at:

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  • Tackle problems from around the world, propose your solution to customers everywhere
  • Develop a Career here with us
  • Become part of Giving Back
  • Yearly Team Building Events
  • Training programs for every seniority


Biyearly Overseas Company Trips

Volunteering / Charity Work

Local 1 Day / 2 Day Tours

Bonus Rewards

Lots of Parties
(Year End / Birthday / Department / Xmas…etc)

Lots of training courses

Employee Stock Ownership Trust

Biyearly Health Checkups

Coupons & Movie Tickets