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Flytech Technology Announces Investment to Inefi Incorporation Focused on UEM Innovation and SaaS Growth Market
TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN--(March. 24th,2022) - Flytech Technology (6206.TW), a worldwide leader in ODM solutions for Point-of-Service, self-service and embedded computing system, is proud to announce the new investment to Inefi Incorporation, a new startup company specialized in cloud-based UEM solutions and SaaS services. Under terms of the planned investment, the transaction of 100% shareholding becomes effective on March 24th, 2022.

The decision to invest in this new startup company – Inefi Incorporation is part of our active portfolio management and consistent with Flytech 2028 strategy to grow and empower. " said Jerry Shyu, president at Flytech. We expect to drive additional growth opportunities for Flytech Technology as well as Inefi Incorporation, and unlock significant value for stakeholders, providing us with a differentiated advantage in how we bring solutions to customers. At the same time, Flytech will continue to modernize its core businesses and embrace new opportunities through an open ecosystem to grow in hybrid and cloud service. " 

Strategic Rationale
Flytech believes the investment will make long-term value for shareholders and create a platform to continue to enhance the solutions provided to customers.
● Optimize product portfolios to better meet customers' needs.
● Enhanced focus on comprehensive solutions to accelerate revenue growth.
● Deeper operational focus, accountability and agility to help customers expand businesses vertically.
● Strategic flexibility with deep domain expertise to meet industry-specific dynamics.

Creating Sustainable Value
Inefi Incorporation is in a unique position to leverage Flytech's global scale to increase awareness in UEM market. The convergence of enterprise agility, big data and analytics have the potential to transform business with real-time and data-driven insights. As a SaaS company focused on solving challenges and needs of IT management, Inefi Incorporation is expected to deliver the values with:
● Simplify remote management and gain visibility across all devices.
● Comprehensive infrastructure monitoring with custom alerts and health data.
● Automated patch management for easing deployment.
● Total control of endpoints and associated peripherals with unified management system.
● Compatible with Windows, Linux and Android devices.
● Maximize the return on IT investment.

" Today is an exciting moment for inefi, and we are ready. We devote ourselves to build a highly disruptive SaaS solution that combined power and simplicity to support our customers to run their IT infrastructure efficiently, helping them unify operations, data processing and services in order to maximize their return on IT investment and better utilize IT assets. " said Aeron Wang, CEO at Inefi Incorporation.
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About Flytech
A global leader in ODM solutions, Flytech revolutionized the IPC industry when it was introduced in 1984. Today, Flytech aims to inspire the success of our worldwide customers by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovative technologies. Flytech is the public listed company based in Taiwan, and operates offices in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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