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Flytech Newsletter - April 2018
April 15 -18  2018    Phoenix, AZ USA
If you are headed to the Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC), come visit us at Booth #404. We are a lot more than what we are famous for. As the 3rd largest POS manufacturer in the world, Flytech offers complete ranges of hardware solutions for tablets, kiosks, Point-of-Service, digital signage and custom designs with great ODM/OEM capability. We are looking forward to seeing you at the show! 
According to and Puget Sound Business Journal, more and more consumers from different ages expect self-service kiosks to be installed in QSR and fast casual establishments.

Among 2,000 fast casual and QSR restaurant customers across the U.S., “18 percent surveyed have used a self-service ordering kiosk, but 60 percent said they would visit a fast casual or QSR establishment more often if self-service kiosks were offered.”

To QSR restaurant customers, convenience sits on the throne above all others, and they expect to control their ordering experience and appreciate privacy. Catering to the trend, well-known chain stores have also started taking action to offer kiosk ordering service with the anticipation to increase restaurant revenue and profitability. For example, Panera, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell and even Costco Wholesale has started testing self-service kiosks in its food courts around the U.S. Besides improving customer service, self-service kiosk could increase orders margin and reduce restaurants’ operating cost.

As the leading ODM/OEM hardware manufacturer in both hospitality and retail segment, Flytech is ready to provide what is just right for you. For self-service hardware solution, we had introduced a series of brand new products and technology to enhance customers’ in-store experience, and even demonstrated facial ordering solution in Embedded World 2018 and EuroCIS 2018. If you miss the chance to visit us at the shows, don’t worry, Flytech welcome you to visit our booth at the Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) 2018 from April 15th to 18th and discover our self-ordering hardware solutions.


POS485 in Changi Airport in Singapore
As the world’s best airport in 2018, Changi Airport handles more than 60 million passenger movements a year. With the insistence on providing the best for travelers around the world, Changi Airport has garnered more than 550 awards since 1982, and become the world’s most awarded airport. Changi Airport never stops improving traveler experience across various key performance indicators for airport service and product – from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate.

Many thanks to our partner, Flytech’s POS485 has been selected to be the Point-of-Service hardware solution for the food court in Changi Airport since 2015. With borderless 15” True-Flat Touch display and rugged housing made of aluminum die-casting, the POS485 is a robust yet elegant Point-of-Service system, perfectly fit in not only hospitality but also retail business application.

POS485 Features
• 15" True-Flat Resistive or PCAP Touch
• Intel Bay Trail or Haswell Processor
• Easy Swap HDD

• 3-Track MSR Available
• iButton and Fingerprint Available
• 2nd Display and Customer Display Available

On March 17th, Flytech Foundation held an annual coastal cleanup activity. Last year, we cleaned up the coast in Wanli, New Taipei City. This time, we are going to clean up Dawulun Beach in Keelung. Just in 2 hours, we cleaned up around 300 kilograms of waste. Among the waste, plastic bottle caps and straws are the top two items; plastic debris and styrofoam debris were also easily seen around the Dawulun Beach. Although there are still numerous wastes in the ocean and wave will keep bringing them up to the beach and coast after each cleanup activity, Flytech will keep holding coastal cleanup activity for reminding ourselves of the importance of “reduce, reuse and recycle”, and for recovering the environment as much as possible.