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Repair Time / Turn Around Time (TAT)

Flytech shall provide a response notice within two (2) working days after receiving the RMA return from customer. Warranty repair or replacement shall be ready for shipping within ten (10) working days after confirming the receipt of defective unit(s). Out of warranty repair shall be finished after customer confirms and approves the proforma invoice (PI) for the RMA charge. For large quantity returns, Flytech shall confirm the repair time separately.

Repair Warranty

Flytech provides repair warranty for the repaired part or system:
- for Out of Warranty products or parts: three (3) months
- for In-Warranty or DOA products or parts: till the end of normal warranty period

Multiple Repairs

Flytech shall be responsible for repair without any charge if repaired products or parts which exhibit the same failure caused by the same component within three (3) months after the date of shipment (by Flytech).