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Industrial Solutions

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Flytech's industrial solutions designed to meet demanding environmental requirements such as extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, and protection from dust and liquids. Flytech offers greater customization, reliability, scalability and long product life cycle, providing our customers with the flexible solutions and helping respond to new challenges with intelligence from edge to cloud. 

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

Flytech's industrial Panel PCs offer a wide variety of solutions tailored for automation management. With features such as wide temperature support, multi-touch capability, anti-scratch screen, stainless steel casing and waterproof IP-rated, Flytech provides the reliable and multifunctional Panel PCs to meet industrial standards. 



Industrial Tablet Solutions

Flytech's industrial tablets provide integrated mobile computing solutions include semi-rugged tablet and rugged tablet built with durability and stability. With military-grade certification and rugged computing designs, making Flytech's tablets suitable for use in field services, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.


Industrial Box PC Solutions

Flytech's industrial Box PCs are designed to provide the high level of reliability and performance. From rugged PCs to fanless computers, Flytech provides the ideal Box PC solutions for applications ranging from data monitoring, automation to access control and digital signage. 

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