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Flytech provides a great selection of products dedicated to a variety of medical applications, including point-of-care devices, clinical diagnostic instruments, telemedicine equipments and healthcare self-service kiosks. With advanced and trusted experiences, Flytech can help build medical grade systems to streamline your healthcare administration and enhance the patient experiences. 

Medical Grade Panel PC Solutions

Flytech's medical grade Panel PCs provide critical features for healthcare applications, including the IP65 rated (front panel), antimicrobial plastic and fanless design for easy cleaning and disinfection. Equipped with ES60601-1/EN60601-1-2 (4th Edition) medical certifications to meet the healthcare requirements.



Patient Check-in Solutions

Flytech's Self-Service Kiosks allow patient check-in for registration, medical record access, temperature check and identification, enabling caregivers to spend more time on patient care. 


Telemedicine Solutions

Flytech's interactive Panel PCs can integrate with microphones, speakers, webcams and RFID readers to provide high quality video conference, so the healthcare providers can easily engage and provide personalized care for patients outside traditional visits. 

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