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Flytech's retail solutions provide the comprehensive portfolio of POS system, self-checkout, interactive display and inventory management to enable your stores for the future of retailing. With Flytech's modular design, it provides the ease of configurability, enabling you to create tailored solutions and delivering the seamless shopping experiences for your customers.

Point-of-Service Solutions

Flytech offers a full POS system to help you run the retail business, no matter your store size or style. From the all-in-one POS terminal to the modular POS system, Flytech provides the broadest portfolios of point-of-service solutions designed to meet the needs of modularity and address the challenges across all retail segments.  



Self-Checkout Solutions

The shopping experiences are not specific to just one form factor. With the efficient checkout process, the retailers can minimize wait times, increase productivity to reduce operational costs and deliver enhanced customer service.


Interactive Display Solutions

Using the interactive displays to communicate in-store promotion and create upsell opportunities. Flytech's touch display solutions come with slim and compact design, flexible mounting options, and durability needed for public uses, helping increase the customer engagement. 


Inventory Management Solutions

Master your inventory with accurate and real-time visibility, ensuring your customers can get the product they want and know what you have it in stock. With Flytech's tablet solutions, you can fulfill orders and provide best services anywhere in your stores. 


Intelligent Remote Management

The inefi cloud-based UEM solutions provide a single view of all devices deployed in the field. It helps store operators to better track device health status anytime, and simplify remote management to gain total visibility across all devices and maximize productivity of the workforce. 

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