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Flytech provides a wide range of intelligent solutions for hospitality businesses, including restaurant, drive-thru, hotel, movie theater, and casino. With the goal of creating exceptional guest experiences, Flytech's hospitality solutions are customized for each unique service, allowing your hospitality businesses to operate more efficiently and engage guests through more touch points. 



Point-of-Service Solutions

The versatile all-in-one POS systems combine modular flexibility and commercial-grade reliability. Available touchscreen in sizes from 14" to 18.5", and integrated expansion to connect a wide assortment of peripherals, including a customer facing display, printer, payment reader, MSR, fingerprint reader and barcode scanner. 

Tableside Ordering Solutions

Enhance the guest experiences by taking orders tableside,  and optimize table turnover with faster ordering. With pop-up prompts shown on tablet, reminding the servers to upsell and increase revenue. 


Self-Service Solutions

Improve the dining experience by allowing guests to customize their orders. When guests place orders via Self-Service Kiosks, the restaurants can generate more sales in less time, increase order accuracy and reduce labor costs. 

Kitchen Management Solutions

Flytech's kitchen display system seamlessly connects the FOH and kitchen staff, keeping the kitchen operations running smoothly and accelerating the meal delivery services effortlessly. 


Digital Signage Solutions

Flytech's digital signage controller is designed to support advanced graphic output from single screen to multi-panel display walls. You can easily keep your menu content fresh, and control content from anywhere. 

Intelligent Remote Management

The inefi cloud-based UEM solutions provide a single view of all devices deployed in the field. It helps restaurant operators to better track device health status anytime, and simplify remote management to gain total visibility across all devices and maximize productivity of the workforce. 

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