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Medical Equipment

Medical IT is the cornerstone of quality healthcare. Physicians in practices of all sizes are realizing the significant benefits of implementing digitized hospital workflow, such as PACS, RIS, HIS, EMR, and HER. The message is crystal clear: Medical IT not only boosts the hospital efficiency but also reduces overall costs, and most importantly it minimizes human errors. Flytech understands this message and ensures that healthcare providers and patients share those benefits.

Success Story


K757 on Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation equipment assists human beings much from the elderly to the ones that have been seriously ill or have encountered serious accidents which have damaged their bodies. More and more advanced technology has been implemented in medical equipment, and rehabilitation equipment is not an exception. Starting from 2016, Flytech has been cooperating with one famous rehabilitation equipment provider and has installed nearly 700 units of K757 Panel PCs to the rehabilitation equipment. With great anticipation to keep building a safer and better medical environment, Flytech is going to implement the latest D87U Motherboard in our K750/K760 Panel PC Series, allowing our products to be compliant with the latest Medical Certification UL 60601-1 4th edition requirements.