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Flytech Technology Group (TAIEX:6206) was founded in 1984. Today, its headquarter is located in NeiHu Industrial park, Taipei, Taiwan, with four branch offices located in USA, Japan, China and Hongkong. In 2015, Flytech acquired Poindus 53.8% as our subsidiary company. In 2015 Dec, Flytech set up iRUGGY company, focusing on Mobile POS brand business. In 2016 Feb, Flytech set up iSAPPOS company in HongKong, selling POS peripherals as a bridge to POS system. In 2016 May, Flytech acquired Box Technologies(Holdings), a UK company with more than 20 years in customer engagement technology. Flytech Technology Group commit to provide  comprehensive and wide ranged products with best service to our customers.

Flytech is a leading-edged global hardware system provider specializing in the design and manufacturing of POS (Point-of-Sale) system, Kiosk system, Digital Signage system, and Controller PC system, covering markets over hospitality, retail, payment, ticketing, self service, ordering, industrial control, medical, advertising, outdoor computer, and the other commercial PC applications. With the emphasis on DFX (Design for Excellence), professional ODM business capability, and the flexibility of customization design services, Flytech is accordingly positioned as the best partner of the system integrators who need to have lower cost, shorter design cycle, and comprehensive hardware designs to meet the goal of highest return on investment.